About us

The group includes analysts and practicing traders. The experience of our participants in the financial sector allows us to conduct a qualitative analysis of the situation in the markets and provide support to those who are just starting their activities on international stock markets. All information of the analytical content that we provide to the visitors of the project contains the author’s research and studies of participants, and is of an advisory nature. You can always contact us by e-mail and ask any questions you are interested about working on world exchanges and the information provided.
The material of the site is primarily designed for those who learn to understand the market and work with securities. We try to describe the current economic situation in the world and on trading floors as clearly as possible and also provide information promptly, which is especially important in the work.

We are also constantly working to expand the range of information provided and its quality.
Our project does not participate in commercial programs to promote services for trading on the stock market because it is “neutral” and is more aimed at providing an independent view of current events in the financial world and the global economy. Our team is ready for cooperation and communication with existing traders and analysts. You can always discuss with our employees the possibility of publishing your copyright material on the pages of the site by writing to us.