Borisov proposed to create an analogue of “avtokhlama” for ships

Moscow, July 27 – "Вести.Экономика". Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov proposed to create a program for the recycling of old ships by analogy with "autoclav".

Borisov proposed to create an analogue of "avtokhlama" for shipsPhoto: Pxhere

The vice-premier suggested introducing benefits for the construction of civil courts for those who rent old ships. As an example, he cited the car recycling program.

"During the resuscitation of the automotive industry, the topic of recycling old cars was very good, which stimulated the purchase of new cars. By this mechanism, we actually saved the automobile industry in 2008-2009. If this mechanism works, why not use it? Fishermen will take their old boats, the cost of which we will take into account in the new order", – the vice-premier on the international Far East sea salon has declared.

Yuri Borisov noted that now Russia is actively developing the construction of a civilian fleet, including tankers. He said that this year there may be other mechanisms to support Russian shipowners, including additional preferences.