Privacy policy

1. General Provisions

1.1. All exclusive proprietary and non-proprietary copyrights to works belong to LLC “Information agency” “, unless otherwise indicated in the text of the work.

1.2. All copyright non-property rights belong to authors of publications and are protected in accordance with the current legislation of World.

1.3. Protection of personal non-property and property rights of copyright subjects is carried out in accordance with the civil, administrative, criminal legislation of World.

1.4. All works (information messages, articles, comments, interviews, consultations, photographic images, etc.), which are created by LLC “Information Agency” “are understood as works.

2. Free use and restrictions

2.1. The use of materials means any reproduction, republishing, distribution, processing, translation of a work, inclusion as constituent parts in other works and other means provided for by the Law of World “On Copyright and Related Rights”.

2.2. The use of such types of materials as information messages (news) published on the resources of the portal.

2.3. Of these types of materials as an interview, an Internet conference, an expert conference , it is allowed to use no more than 500 signs of the speaker’s answer for the production of one information material (without limiting the total number of materials using the speaker’s answers). Specifying a link (for Internet resources – a direct hyperlink, not closed from indexing by search engines) to the IA, leading to the final page of the interview, an Internet conference or an expert conference, is mandatory. The use of these types of materials in the original amount (in full) is prohibited. Reproduction of the materials of the sections  in whole or in part is prohibited.

2.4. A hyperlink must be contained exclusively in the first or second paragraph of the text. Instructions by other media that the reference to “” under the text borrowed from “” materials is considered as a violation of these Rules and norms of the current legislation of Ukraine and means that the work is used without the permission of LLC “Information Agency” “.

2.5. The use of such types of materials as articles (author’s articles) and interviews is regulated as follows: it is possible to use no more than 500 signs for the transmission of a news report, in other cases the written consent of IA “AVOPROS” is required. Use of photographic materials is prohibited. Also, it is strictly prohibited to use the materials of the Dossier project, advertising materials, except for cases when the use of the specified materials is permitted by the relevant contracts.

2.6. The materials of public events (Internet conferences, press conferences, round tables, online broadcasts) of the “Information Agency” “LLC, conducted on the portal, are intended for private (non-commercial) use and viewing. In case of any use of such materials in the media, an indication of the source in the first or second paragraph of the text (text:

2.7. Use of materials of the LLC “Information agency” “, placed on the portal LIG.Anet, by their full or partial reproduction by news aggregators is allowed only with the written permission of LLC” Information agency “” and subject to their registration in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 2.9 . of these Rules.
“News aggregators” should be understood as any software, application, service or web resource that by means of RSS-channels or otherwise collects the content of information resources and partially or completely reproduces them for users in the form of blocks, streams, “news feeds” etc.

2.8. LLC “Information Agency” “provides written permission for the use of its materials at its discretion to the owner of the news aggregator on the basis of his appeal, sent in electronic form to [email protected] LLC “Information Agency” “reserves the right, during the consideration of the request, to require from the owner of the news aggregator any additional information necessary for making a decision on the issuance of a written permission.